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    腊八的英文表达就是汉语拼音Laba,也译作:the eighth day of thetwelfth lunar month


    Chinese people believe that eating congee (porridge made from rice) during Laba festival will bring good luck. Laba Congeeis infused with Chinese people’s beautiful expectations of a happy life.




    Folktales abound as to the origins of eating congee during Laba Festival. According to the most famous one, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang (reigned 1368-1399), used to herd cattle for a rich man. One day, his carelessness caused a leg of one of the cows to be broken. The rich man was so angry that he locked up the culprit in a small room and didn’t allow food to be given to him. After some time, the famished Zhu Yuanzhang found in a corner of the room a rat hole that contained a supply of stolen red beans, rice, red dates and other produce. These he boiled into congee, on which he feasted voluptuously. Because that day was the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the emperor Zhu Yuanzhang named the congee Laba Congee.

    关于腊八节喝粥的起源,民间故事比比皆是。最著名的一个,明朝的开国皇帝朱元璋(1368 - 1399年在位),小时候给财主放牛,因牛腿摔断被财主关在一间屋子里,不给他饭吃,过了一段时间,快要饿死的朱元璋在屋子的角落里发现了一个老鼠洞,从中挖掘出红豆、大米、红枣等各种粮食,煮成粥食用,觉得非常香甜。因为这一天是农历的十二月八日,皇帝朱元璋将它命名为腊八粥。

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